Go Girl…Don’t take Life Sitting Down

In an earlier blog I had mentioned that the humidity in PNG is apparently appalling. At my fundraising morning tea last week a lady who had lived and worked in PNG told me to make sure I only wear cotton clothing. I suggested that I was going to take a woollen T-shirt because it soaks up the sweat and doesn’t smell, but she was insistent that cotton was the only way to go. Well, my Bibbulman track hiking friend, Deb, has bought me a pair of woollen underwear to try before I go! I never knew there was such a thing as woollen underwear. The label says that merino wool keeps you cool, dry and oudor free – sounds good to me. Anyway, after talking to a few people in the know I’m going to follow the wool route – lightweight T-shirts to soak up the sweat and keep me cool. I’ll report back after my trip.

Today I went to Mountain Designs as they were having a fantastic sale and managed to find some lightweight long pants that are soaked in mozzie repellant and antibacterial/fungal stuff! Wow! They’ll be perfect and what’s even better is that they were $150 and on sale they were reduced to $54. Wow again! It was fortunate that Deb was with me because she helped me choose the pair with the right number of pockets in them, something which I had failed to consider.

Now Deb, who is a bit of a gadget girl has introduced me to something quite special – a GoGirl http://www.go-girl.com/. What is it you may be asking? Well, it’s a little device that lets girls urinate standing up! You read it correctly… My children think its hilarious and my husband says he wants one too! You see, I have been wondering how I’ll manage when I need to ‘see a man about a dog’ while travelling through the jungle. It’s easy in the Aussie bush, plently of spaces between the trees and bushes to be able to find a safe spot to squat, but where I’m going is thick jungle. I now have the answer. Thanks Deb!

Their slogan is: GoGirl: Don’t take life sitting down! I like it…


6 thoughts on “Go Girl…Don’t take Life Sitting Down

  1. Congrats on starting this great blog, It seems many great women have used the logo “GoGirl”… the last woman who used something very similar cycled around Australia raising awareness and money for indigenous women and breastfeeding…. I look forward to following your adventures with great interest.

  2. deborah3041@bigpond.com says:

    Sara … wow I get so many mentions in this blog !! ha ha … glad I could be of some help and the go girl is brilliant (if you remember to take it with you ,, ,unlike me, I went to china and had been practising using it before hand .. and left the gadget in the bathroom but took the container – mmm not so smart ! ) Also remember to follow the UP sign and don’t use it upside down (yeah I did that too …not too smart either as it went down my trouser leg as I tried to use it without taking my pants off – thinking I was way to clever having only practised once before – without pants on ! It is so funny and feels so “wrong” but I can tell you … I sure missed it in China !! You will be just fine … but do practise !!! You saved over $400 yesterday and i was so pleased that everything just seems to be falling the right direction for you ! well done …

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