A Little Prod and she responds…

It’s been a while. Who would have thought that finding a mere 20 minutes to write a blog would be sooooo hard! So much has happened over the last 4 weeks. But my freind has prodded me and so I’ll respond…

Where do I start?…

After the fundraising morning tea, one of the members of our team planning to go to PNG withdrew. It just wasn’t working out for him. Mike, our team leader then asked me if I knew any midwife or nurse who would like to join us. I had already asked 3 midwifery friends and it just wasn’t the right timing for them. But, immediately I thought of my nurse friend, Lyn. She is a very special friend and has an enormous amount of experience in emergency nursing as well as wound care – areas I was starting to feel a bit overwhelmed about: I can talk about maternity care til the cows come home, but am starting to feel a bit rusty in relation to general nursing stuff (especially dressings for wounds etc). To cut a long story short, I asked Lyn and gave her 48hrs to get back to me. Then I prayed that if it was meant to be, that all plans would fall into place. Well, Lyn rang me the next day to say “it’s amazing, but everything is falling into place and ‘yes’ I can go”. What an answer to prayer.

Lyn has also travelled through developing countries before and had recently accompanied me on the Bibbulman Track – we managed well together on the track and feel very comfortable together. I am delighted to have a female companion and colleague join me to PNG!!

The financial support I have received has meant I can help Lyn with some of her expenses and there has still been money to buy the teaching resources I’ve had on my wishlist. Last week I received the package of resources and they are fantastic! I’ve now got a gorgeous brown baby doll complete with umbilical cord, placenta, his own uterus (including cervix and vagina – all knitted), a model of a pelvis, a brown breast (for breastfeeding education), a pinnard stethoscope to listen to the unborn baby’s heartbeat, a miniature set of a doll, pelvis, placenta and uterus, AND a display book with diagrams showing the growing baby in the Mum’s belly. I am so excited about having these resources! I’ve been practising using them by showing my sons – I reckon they’ll be the best prepared Dads in the future…

This week 200 Birthing Kits were put together by the Mums at Rivervale MOPS and Riverton MOPS. MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers www.mops.org.au. It was an amazing experience putting the kits together. The Mums quickly put a production line into action and in no time at all a total of 200 were made. A few Mums said to me that it was an incredible feeling to know that with their hands they were making something which will help a mother and baby in PNG – maybe even save their lives. Wow.

I really feel these kits are going to be an enormous blessing to the women in PNG. Today I met up with Sally who is a nurse and accompanied Mike on the last trip to PNG. She said there is just nothing there for the women. They get no antenatal care. They give birth and then if the baby doesn’t breathe straight away they don’t know what to do and so leave it – many babies die like this. Often it’s just a simple thing like clearing the airway of mucous to get the baby breathing, or rubbing the baby all over to stimulate a breath. I just know that with these kits we’ll have an opportunity to give them something practical, and then show them how to use the kits which also shows them basic ideas of cleanliness and care for the mother and newborn soon after birth. Goodness me, this is going to be an incredible trip…


2 thoughts on “A Little Prod and she responds…

  1. Sara, I am so glad your brief hiccup was resolved so happily, and that you have female company for the trip. The resources sound wonderful, and those kits will make a difference to those women. Imagine their sense of being cared for locally, and from afar ❤

    Many thanks for sharing this journey with us x

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