Today is the Day that the Lord has made

Today is the day! This time tomorrow I’ll be in Port Moresby. Last night I dreamt that I was still trying to stuff things in my backpack while racing out the door to catch the plane…Hmmmm.

Yesterday 4 friends came to my house and we made another 110 birthing kits; we now have over 300 in total. 100 are already in the village (Mike took them with him on a trip earlier in the month) and now we’ll pop the rest in boxes and any spaces in our packs. Someone has very generously offered to pay for excess baggage which means we don’t have to do too much shuffling of gear to get the packs within 20kg! An amazing woman has also put together some illustrations for the kits! In 9 simple diagrams the poster shows what is in the kit, how to use each item and then how to dispose of the equipment safely. It is awesome! I’ll take a few posters and then give them to whoever I give kits to. This will really help to reinforce our message. What a blessing.

I found a great You Tube clip of some tourists travelling along the Sepik River and then the Keram River where I’ll be going. They stop at the first village along the Keram River, Chimando. The first thing I notice in the film is the sounds of the jungle – that ‘sizzle’ of all the insects singing in unison and then a remarkable bird sound almost barking in the background. There is no change in the pitch of the sound; it is a constant. The water looks quite brown and there are some massive trees right next to the edge of the water. The villages are along the riverbed – pole structures above ground with grass thatched rooves (is that a word? Or is it roofs?). I notice that there are lots of children ‘pikininis’ that look about 6 but are probably 11/12 yrs old! They wear western style clothing such as T-shirts that say “Bob Marley” on them! Many of the women have a child on their hip and appear pregnant – there is work for me after all!!

I have also found out that during the 6 hr transit in Port Moresby, we can go via shuttle bus to the Airways Hotel! It has a website and I must say I’m rather delighted as it has a pool, cafe and wonderful views. I think I’ll need something like that to ease into the next stage of the journey don’t you agree??

As I woke up this morning I thought “Today is the day that the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it” words from an old hymn. It resonates with me. Today IS the day that has been 9 months in the making – I’ve just realised it has been 9 months, the length of a pregnancy! It has taken 9 months to grow and prepare for this trip and now I am ready for the birth. I think back to when I was in labour with my firstborn – the anticipation, the wonder, the awe and of course the fear about what my life will be like with a child. I feel the same about this trip. People have told me I will not be the same after spending time with the village people. I wonder what God has in stall for me? I wonder where this will all lead to? I wonder how my life will be different once I return? I wonder…

What I know is that my Heavenly Father is with me all the way.


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