Vivien Called Today!

I was walking the dog in the park while the kids had basketball training, and you’d never guess who called me on my mobile phone? Vivien! The lady in the photo I posted earlier today!

“Sara, is that you?” she said.

I’m thinking, that voice sounds familiar and far away, perhaps it’s someone in South Africa (my husband is currently there visiting family)

“Sara, Sara! It’s Vivien”

“Oh my Gosh. Vivien is that you?”

“When are you posting the books?”

I clear my throat and feel put on the spot, “Vivien it’s so good to hear from you. I’ve been terribly sick since getting back from PNG and…” the line goes dead.

I can’t believe I’ve just had a call from Vivien, Village Birth Attendant from the village of Kumbarumba. She was so keen to learn more and was such a great help. I saw huge potential in her and so left all my teaching resources with her and promised to post the Hesparian book “A Book for Midwives” to her. I’m so proud of her for following up with me!!

I’ll post that book this week. It’ll take a while to get to her because there is no postal system to her village! It’ll have to go via a few people. I’ll just pray that it will get to her.

Vivien’s village has over 1000 people and she said they have over 300 births a year. Many women have died in childbirth and she is desperate to help and make a difference. She can read English so I’m hoping that the book will be a great help to her. She is also a strong leader and not afraid of travelling to other villages to teach, so I suggested to her that she needs to share her knowledge.

Vivien is named after her Father’s sister. Her Father was an Australian who lived in Angoram before the war and married a local PNG woman, Monika, from a nearby village. She went to school and when she was 11yrs old her father died suddenly in Goroka. She asked me to try and find his family here in Australia. Where do I begin? His name was Norman Liddle, sister Vivien Liddle. Norman died in 1986. He had a cousin named Jim McKinnon.

The 4 L’s – Listen, learn, Look and Love. Vivien is definitely one of the women I grew to love.

ImageVivien collecting her Birthing Kits

ImageLyn teaching Vivien how to use the stethoscope to listen to a child’s breathing and heart sounds


3 thoughts on “Vivien Called Today!

  1. Lynette Field says:

    Sara, your decision to go to PNG is sending out ripples you could not have imagined. What a fabulous story! I am quite sure these ripples will turn into waves of change for these village women. Keep going with your work.

  2. Maccs says:

    Hi Sara

    Was Norman a Christian? There is a Jim McKinnon at my brother’s church- used to be Bedford Baptist- now Inglewood Community Church. It may be the same one.

    Cherie x

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