Talking to Kids

This morning I gave 2 presentations to groups of children at my kids’ primary school. I spoke to Year 6s and the  Yr4/5 class. It was an amazing experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Exhausting!

This week is Anti-Poverty Week and so I shared about life in the village of Yamen. They were fascinated by how different it was to our lives in Perth and I hope they realised how fortunate they are. I think they did. They even recognised the importance of education and how the children in the village, by not having an education, were missing out on many things and opportunities.

The kids made up some Birthing Kits and included a little note with a drawing or motive on it to make it more personal. They seemed to really enjoy doing that. I have also asked them to design and draw a health campaign poster highlighting a specific health message such as preventing malaria, washing hands after the toilet and before preparing and eating food. This will be a project they continue to work on in class and I will choose the best ones (ie those that tell the message the clearest) and then take them to the village on my next trip.

One of the teachers is organising for the class to fast during one of the school days and then donate the money that their food would have cost, towards postage for the birthing kits. Isn’t that great! I’m so excited about these kids being involved in this project. It will make a difference for the health of the mothers and babies in the villages, but also make a difference for them too as they realise how blessed they are.

Last night I gave a similar talk to a group of cub scouts. The theme was adventure and I described my trip as an adventure. I specifically wanted to share about moving out of your comfort zone and the kids really identified with this concept. They didn’t giggle when I told them how I cried when I realised where I was for the first night, they really listened and I could sense they knew what I meant. I hope I’ve inspired these boys to move into a ‘discomfort zone’ and learn more about themselves in the process.

Three Little Kids in Yamen


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