He has the Whole World in His Hands

Today, as I sat in church with Lyn and sang songs of praise, before our short presentation to the congregation about our trip, I remembered how we sat together in the village church and sang. I have cried a lot this morning as I remember the people in the village and their plight.

And then I read this “Insight for Living” by Charles Swindoll, a daily meditation that came by email for me:

1 Corinthians 10:26

“God has the whole world in His hands.

Remember the old gospel song? He’s got the wind, the rain, the tiny little baby, yes, even you and me in His hands. How easy it is to forget that!

And it isn’t limited to our geography or our culture, you know. He’s got the Middle East in His hands (that’s a relief, isn’t it?), not to mention Central America and China, Ethiopia and India, Indonesia and Russia—all right there in the palms of His sovereign hands.

And while we’re at it, He’s got our future, our children, our circumstances, our friends, and our foes in His hands . . . within His grasp . . . under His control. Even when imaginary fears slip in like the morning frost to blight our faith, He’s there—in charge. . . .

He has yesterday’s failures. He has today’s challenges. He has tomorrow’s surprises right there in His hands. And not one of them causes Him to gasp.”

Thank you Lord that you are in control.


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