A Living Baby

As I write this I am overcome with emotion. I have just finished a yummy dinner and while watching TV the phone rang – it was Vivien. For those who haven’t met Vivien yet, she is a Village Birth Attendant from the village of Kumbarumba, near the town of Angoram. Vivien came to the training that I was part of providing in the remote village of Yamen. Vivien is a striking looking woman, different to the others. She is married to Isaac, a church of Christ pastor in the village – a lovely man. She told us that her father was an Australian, Norman Liddle, who died in 1986 when she was just 10yrs old. I’ve since managed to track down some people who knew her Father in Angoram, but I haven’t found her Australian family, yet. Vivien had had an education so spoke very good English. She helped us a lot as we taught the women about how to have a safe village birth.

Vivien told me very excitedly that she gave mouth to mouth to a newborn baby that was not breathing and, “He came alive Sara. He came alive. I remember what you taught me and he came alive.”

I have to say that these words have just brought me to my knees. Simple things taught can make a big difference between life and death.

I feel so privileged to be able to work with these women. I am so glad that I have made a start on the organisation Living Child. Just one short week in the village of Yamen has made a difference. Who knows how the other VBAs are going, but from what Vivien has reported to us so far, then we can assume the training has made a difference for their villages too.

Bring on July when we plan to visit next!!!

I did manage to tell her that we are making plans and things are coming together for us to visit in July. Then the phone went dead, again…


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