Movement to Help

Today I received my first piece of snail mail addressed to Living Child. The ABN number. Living Child with official Government stamps and coat of arms. It’s really happening.

I posted on the facebook page that I wasn’t complaining, but setting up a not for profit organisation takes lots of hard work and perseverance. It’s true. Tonight my head is spinning with all the facts, documents, things to do churning away in my grey matter. I thought perhaps writing the blog may release some of the energy so that I can sleep tonight.

I suppose meeting up with a guy today who told me that PNG is a country renowned for violence and corruption hasn’t helped matters. It’s good to know the facts and be clear about what I’m getting myself into. Again I go over the ‘other facts’ that I know:

  1. Women and babies are dying at an alarming rate
  2. We’ve been invited to help by the local men – church and village leaders
  3. The women want us to help them
  4. I know that God is sovereign
  5. Between us all I believe we can make a difference

So, with my eyes a little wider, a lot more knowledge in my head, I keep walking along this path, one that links Perth (the remotest city in the world) to the remote villages of Papua New Guinea. Deep in the jungles of a tropical paradise that veils so much heartache and loss. Since being back in Australia I’ve wondered whether my estimation of the degree of sickness and suffering has been exaggerated and then I remember the photos and graphs that a medical colleague showed me recently from his trip to the same region last month, which shows a death rate of babies in the hospital at 48%! That’s the death rate in the hospital. Imagine what it is in the bush… He affirms my analysis of the situation for the women and babies in this part of the world. He describes his own horror at the dire state of health for the people there.

They need some help. They want some help. My hope is that Living Child can be part of that movement to help.


One thought on “Movement to Help

  1. Deborah says:

    Yes Sara, dont ever doubt yourself. I cannot imagine what you are going through setting it all up but I guess we always have to remember it is nothing compared to what the people there are going through. We have our hospitals around the corner with sparkling floors and white gowned doctors, we both have beautiful healthy babies etc … they dont have anything . You have so much support behind you, HELP is what they need in PGN – dont doubt yourself. We are all here to help you … thank you for doing this

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