Happy Birthday Living Child Inc.

Yesterday was my Birthday and when I went to the mailbox, there was a letter from the Department of Commerce with the Certificate of Incorporation for Living Child Inc. I really felt excited. What a lovely Birthday present!

Over the Easter weekend my family and I were away – away from technology too which meant I couldn’t keep up with emails and facebook. When we returned on Monday evening I was feeling a bit flat because those old doubts began creeping into my mind again. Thoughts like, “how do you think you’re going to be able to help these people in remote PNG”, “It’s so far away, too far away for you to be effective”, “You’re not going to cope with the heat and humidity” etc.
When the certificate of Incorporation arrived, I felt bouyed up again – yes, I can do this and the reason is because I am not alone. Through this amazing organisation we are going to be able to make a difference for the health and well being of our closest neighbours. I’m surrounded by an amazing Board of Management who are committed to this cause, the Friends of Living Child list is getting longer, the emails and facebook posts of support are growing daily. 

So, together, we can make a difference to the suffering these people are experiencing because they are so remote. Little steps. One at a time will lead us forward.

Thank you for being part of this movement towards helping mothers and babies in PNG.