A Little Bit of Western

I’ve hooked my iPad mini to the speakers and am listening to Boy and Bear. It makes me feel a little less homesick for my family. I remember the journey from Perth to Albany that we took as a family to wish my Dad a Happy 70th birthday in April. The whole family humming along. That was a long trip but it was such fun being in the car together and chatting, singing and playing ‘I spy’. Funny how at the time I found ‘I spy’ so boring (again??!!) and yet they form fond memories for me now. I’ve coped well the first 2 weeks away, but this last week has been so hard. Most days I’ve shed a tear. The boys have written to me on Skype which has been great (me thinking, “that will help their writing skills”). Forever a mother!! Lovely to read their thoughts and feelings. I look forward to seeing them again.

It’s such a tightrope to walk. Being a mother, working. And not just down the road but in another country. I’ve had the conversation with my husband and children that they must tell me if I’m so busy helping mothers in developing nations, but I’m forgetting about their needs. They will always be my priority and I’m so thankful that I have a family that these open conversations can occur. I never want my boys to say to me that their mother was so busy helping others that their needs for love and time were not met. I think I’m reaching the limit of their tolerance. They’re having a wonderful time in South Africa: hiking in the drakensburg mountains, mountain biking, tree rope swinging, visiting places of cultural significance in Pretoria. Richard says they have been very good and all of them have had a wonderful time although missed me. It’s good to be missed.

Today I have focused on complete relaxation. I read in bed for a long while, then we went to the Hilton Hotel down the road for a leisurely breakfast. Funny how we always retreat to something Western to be comforted. Last night we treated ourselves to The Cape Town Fish Market for an absolutely delicious dinner. We caught a Bajaja for the short trip to the iconic expat (and anyone who wants to be seen) hang out. Beautiful view across the Oyster Bay, funky music playing in the background and a choice of mouthwatering dishes. I chose the surf and turf which was a melt in your mouth steak cooked to perfection and silky calamari that dissolved in my mouth. I will admit though, my tummy was a bit overwhelmed with so many flavours and richness of the food!


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