Training Midwives in Tanzania

I have been in Tanzania for the past week teaching midwives. This time I and a fellow colleague are delivering the Intermediate course to 16 participants who have already successfully completed the Foundation course which was facilitated in June- July. I started writing on the plane…

I’m on a plane to Dares Salaam. Another hour and we’ll be there. I’m amazed at how calm I feel. This is highly unusual for me. Usually I’m full of tension and anticipation, but this time I feel quite relaxed, unperturbed and remarkably at ease. I believe this is as a result of the prayers of friends. A number of people sent me messages of prayer support. I’ve really needed it. The last few months have been full, a bit hectic and challenging. I’ve had to prioritise my responsibilities, building boundaries around myself to ease the waves of deadlines overwhelming me. For me personally I draw great strength from my faith in Jesus to help me cope with life. Recently in the daily ‘Every day with Jesus’ I’ve been meditating on how Jesus coped with the stresses and strains of life during his ministry on earth. There are some startling truths, especially in regards to looking after one self. I love the fact that he often withdrew from the crowds to pray and meditate. He also spent dedicated time with his disciples to teach them and go deeper. Jesus also never allowed time to run his life, feeling pressured. Rather he showed great peace and calm as he went day to day, teaching, responding to people, healing the sick, engaging in conversation. He never overlooked the poor, needy, sick, vulnerable or outcast despite the stresses and strains crowding in on his life.

There are a number of lessons that I have learned from this series of studies lately which I’ve been trying to apply to my life:
1. Be willing to forgive all injuries and offences
2. Have a servant heart
3. Maintain inner strength and peace
4. Look for good in difficult circumstances- find God’s perspective
5. Maintain focused determination
6. Have good time management
7. Don’t get bogged down in self pity

It’s challenging, but achievable with God’s help.


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