Teaching & Learning

I’m sitting in the Midwifery training centre at Muhimbhili Hospital, DaresSalaam. My midwifery colleague is teaching about Hypovolemic shock. Her voice echoes in the room which is tiled and closed while the air conditioner whirs in the background. There is a regular dripping of water from the aircon into a bucket below ā€“ yesterday it just dripped onto the floor and we had a slow flood in the room.

It has been lovely to meet up with the midwives who attended the Foundation unit with me last time. They have told me many stories of how they have found the training helpful and they’ve been able to use it in their areas of work. Two nurses told me how they had a woman who was having difficulty pushing the baby out. She was tired and the baby seemed to be staying in the birth canal. They then got her to change position and be more upright and immediately the shift caused the baby to descend and be born. They were very happy to see that this intervention worked.

Another told me that they were now feeling a lot more confident in teaching and advising about family planning. I think what has happened is that they feel encouraged and better equipped to provide quality care. It feels good to hear that positive feedback.

I happened to notice the office of the Tanzanian Midwifery Society so took the initiative to pop in and say ‘Hi’. It was wonderful to meet the project coordinator there and talk about all things midwifery.


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