Do Not Throw Away Your Confidence

As I went to sleep the night after the accident I prayed to God, ‘I’ve lost my confidence. Is this a sign from you that we are not to proceed in the morning on our trip to Angoram? Lord, you’ll need to show me very clearly that we are still in your will and that it is safe for us to travel tomorrow. I’m not going unless I feel at peace and have a sign from you’.

I was talking straight with my Heavenly Father. That’s the thing I just love about Him. He’s big enough to take my deepest thoughts and fears. And I think He loves it when I speak boldly to Him. First.

I slept well and in the morning woke up to my phone beeping with a new text message. It was a verse from my friend in Perth. All that she knew was that I’d been in a vehicle accident and had asked her to pray for us. The verse she sent to me was from Hebrews 10:35, it read, “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” Tears pricked my eyes. I felt God speak directly to me through that verse.

My eyes fell on the next verse: “You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised.”

That was all I needed to feel at peace that I was still in the will of the Lord and could proceed knowing with confidence that He was with us. I had renewed strength and gathered up the team ready for the journey to Angoram.

This time we travelled in convoy with the Angoram District Administrator. Our trip was bumpy, but uneventful. We were delighted to arrive in the small riverside town safely. The team was introduced to the District Health Program Manager and a timetable for the next few days was discussed.

That night we settled into our small but cosy dorm rooms. It was hot and humid. The sounds of insects was loud, but soon our songs of praise and thanks echoed round the place like perfume to the heavens. We were so thankful to finally be in Angoram, the town that always we past through quickly due to so much fear. I felt we were on the cusp of something quite special that was going to happen in Angoram. ‘The Lord is good’, I thought, as my head hit the pillow that night.


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